9 Cat Bed Designs That Cats Love!

If you have or plan to raise a cat, then you should know that there are three places it loves to stay: a place that is comfortable enough, a place that is secret enough, and a place higher than the ground. In view of this, in order to ensure that your pet will not "leave home", but choose to spend more time on the bed at home and napping, then you should really consider choosing a feline bed that it will like.


cat beds


1. Curved xl pet bed


Curve xl pet bed is a wall-mounted xl pet bed created by designer Akemi Tanaka. When installed on the wall, it will have a perfect floating illusion. It is simple and beautiful. We believe that cats will be willing to lie on it for a whole day.


2. Pod feline beds


There is a certain degree of privacy and a certain degree of openness, enough to allow the cat to lie comfortably inside and watch the world with cold eyes.


3. Pei Kitty feline bed


The round egg-shaped bed is safe, durable and easy to clean. Modern cats who are in the front of fashion will probably like it.


4. Jolly Moggy radiator bed


The round bed that can be hung directly on the radiator, and the material is made of bamboo, so it can be said to be warm in winter and cool in summer.


4. Hammock feline beds under the chair


With the addition of elastic straps, this small Hammock feline bed can be installed on the legs of almost all chairs, which can effectively save space and provide a hiding and sleeping place for cats.


5. Suitcase feline beds


Let the old suitcase usher in a second life, and give pets a retro warm nest.


6. Teepee feline beds


A cat litter made of recyclable cardboard. The shape is an American Indian teepee, which can be assembled directly without any glue or tools.


7. Kitty Meow


PE plastic is very suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The cat can roll inside or lie on top.


8. Petplanter


A design that combines xl pet bed with gardening and planting.


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