A Crocodile Toy for the Cat

1. The speed of a cat


An energetic cat reacts very quickly. If a creature that cats is interested in passes by, it can reach out and grab it in 0.1 second. The cat's vision is very sensitive, the cat's eyes have a field of view of up to 285 degrees, and the cat's neck can rotate freely. Cats can adopt various attack and defensive postures at any time and place, so cats are strong at catching mice.




Cats are agile, good at jumping and good at catching fish and mice. And cats are also nocturnal animals. The reason why they like to eat fish and mice is that they need a lot of taurine in order to see things clearly at night.


Cats react seven times faster than snakes. The average time for snakes to attack is between 44 milliseconds and 70 milliseconds. It takes about 200 milliseconds for humans to blink once. It is conceivable how fast the cat's reaction is.


2. Buy a cat crocodile toy to test cat's reaction ability


There is a netizen who raised a cat, and its response speed made other netizens curious. Cats nowadays are different from those outside. Domestic cats are not so wild anymore. They must be the same as lazy pigs. In order to prove that the cat raised at home is lazy, but still very agile, this netizen bought a cat crocodile toy on the Internet to play with cat. The cat crocodile toy is a novel toy that pretends to bite.


The owner still didn't believe that the cat could still be so agile. He picked up the cat and crocodile toy that he had just bought, and pretended to go over and bite it. He didn't expect the cat to hide at once, and even wanted to fight back.


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