A Must-have Item for Novice Cats, Did You Buy It Right?

With the rise of short video platforms, there are more and more videos showing pets, and there are more and more people picking up and adopting stray cats on the street, which makes people happy! However, many newcomers who have just raised a cat are facing a problem. What are the essential products for pets?


Ⅰ. Must-buy pet staff: play


Buy pet staff such as cardboard scratch pad​ and toys, and train cats to sharpen their claws with products for pets or other toys. Because if you don't buy pet staff, cardboard scratch pad and other toys, they will scratch the furniture at home, especially the sofa which cats adore. Cats need to spend some time every day to consume their energy, otherwise cats are likely to consume their energy by running and attacking you!


cardboard scratch pad​


Ⅱ. Must-buy pet stuff: daily life


1. Buy pet stuff: regular cat food


This is the key point, as the saying goes, "food is the heaven for the people." Of course, the same is true for cats. Be sure to choose cat food from regular brands and manufacturers, and don't feed leftovers from humans.


2. Buy pet stuff: food bowls, water bowls


For these two things, try to choose ceramic or stainless steel, this is to prevent cats from knocking over and breeding bacteria. After all, pet owners themselves will have a headache if this happens!


3. Buy pet stuff: insect repellent


Deworming is essential for cats to grow up healthily. Pet owners must not save money for deworming, otherwise cats are not the only ones who suffer. Do you want to see fleas everywhere in your house?


4. Buy pet stuff: cat litter, cat litter box


Why should I choose a large litter box? Because cats can still use this litter box when they grow up, which saves money and is environmentally friendly, why not do it?


5. Buy pet stuff: combs, nail clippers


The cat's nails grow faster. Even if it is sharpened every day, its claws can easily hurt people and furniture. Therefore, pet nail clippers for the cat's nails should be prepared in advance!


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