Are Pet Toys Really Dispensable?

Many owners think that pet toys are just a good-for-naught existence. It's just that we don't know how to use pet toys. In fact, if you understand the effect of pet toys on pets, you will find that it can also be a god-like existence.


1. A Case of Dog Problems


"Dangdang", a one and a half year old shepherd dog. As the weather became cold, the owner bought him a particularly comfortable nest. But don't know why, just after placing the nest for it, it kept biting and running around. He was dissatisfied with changing many places for him. The owner really wanted to know where "Dangdang" wanted to put the nest. He was very distressed, and there was no way to communicate with him. Usually "Dangdang" likes to hold the owner's slippers and pajamas. The owner really doesn't know what it will develop into in the future.


2. Teaching Dogs to Distinguish between Pet Toys and Litters


So how to teach "Dangdang" to distinguish between pet toys, mats and owner's clothes? First of all, we can use chewing pet toys to help Dangdang recognize the characteristics of pet toys through the distinctive smell and touch of the pet toy itself.


Note that when using a biting pet toy, the owner should give it to him when he is at home at first, but the duration should not exceed half an hour each time, so that Dangdang gradually understands what a pet toy is. A few days later, Dangdang will have pet toys only when the owner is not at home. You can prepare 1-2 pet toys for it, so as to pass the lonely time when the owner is not at home.



3. Don't Look Down on Pet Toys


The importance of pet toys is underestimated by many pet owners. Most owners think pet toys are optional. The role of pet toys is actually a substitute for the "prey" of the dog's ancestors. For wild canines, their practice of hunting skills in their infancy comes from the interaction between their nest brothers on the one hand, and on the other hand from the animals that have not yet completely died from the mothers hunted from the wild. When they become family pets, they lose this opportunity, but this instinct still exists.


The emergence of pet toys is to meet their psychological needs. If you have observed the process of dogs playing with pet toys, you will find that this is almost exactly the same as the steps of wild canines when hunting:



When dogs find a prey, they will approach it quietly. Dogs biting pet toys often have a temporary pause in preparation.


Run over: 

When catching, canines use their forelimbs and sharp teeth to lock their prey firmly. This is also the most common way for dogs to bite pet toys or hug their owner's hand.



The bite to the prey, usually in the soft throat or abdomen, which is reflected in the dog's bite on the cotton plush pet toy.



The eating process of wild canines usually starts from the internal organs of the abdomen, and the destruction of pet toys by pets is often by tearing off the skin of the plush pet toy and taking out the stuffing inside.


Understand the relationship between pet toys and prey, and understand the importance of pet toys. When using it, try to make pet toys show the state that herbivores often have in the wild-activity, alertness, and escape when necessary. When you truly master the use of pet toys, you will be able to provide a more interesting life to your dog, so as to avoid a series of bad behavior problems because of its "boring".


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