Classification of Cat Scratchers According to Materials

Cat scratchers on the market are mainly divided into three categories: corrugated cat scratcher, single cat scratching post and sisal fabric cat scratcher. The single cat scratching post and sisal fabric cat scratcher are durable and do not produce much debris after scratching. In comparison, corrugated cat scratcher is more environmentally friendly, it is inexpensive, and can be made into various shapes, so it is becoming more and more recognized by consumers.


1. The first type: single cat scratching post


Sisal is a perennial tropical hard leaf fiber crop. The sisal fiber has tough texture, abrasion resistance, salt and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance. Moreover, this thing is actually edible, and can be used for meat tenderization, beer clarification, cheese manufacturing, seafood processing, protein hydrolysis, and treatment of certain diseases such as inflammation and indigestion, and it can even be used for brewing. The advantages of cat climbing furniture​: Cat's claws feel good, and cat feels particularly refreshed when scratching. After scratching it for the first time, it also wants to scratch it for the second time. The unique fragrance of single cat scratching post attracts cats, it is natural and healthy, and there is no need to worry about cats eating by mistake.


2. The second type: sisal fabric cat scratcher


The material of sisal fabric cat scratcher is basically the same as that of single cat scratching post, but when sisal rope fiber is used to woven into cloth, flax, ramie, jute, abaca and other materials may be added. Advantages of sisal fabric cat scratcher: an upgraded version of sisal rope, sisal fabric cat scratcher solves the problem of easy loosening and falling off of the rope, it is stronger and has a longer life.


Sisal fabric cat scratcher


3. The third type: corrugated cat scratcher


We often talk about corrugated paper, what exactly is it? To put it bluntly, the paper used in instant noodle boxes and beer boxes is all corrugated paper. People who have been born in small cities or rural areas must remember stacks of papers on the backs of people picking up tatters on the street. Yes, they are all corrugated papers.


Advantages of corrugated scratching pad: cheap! It is the cheapest of the three materials, and corrugated cat scratcher has many shapes to satisfy the cat's scratching desire. Many corrugated cat scratchers add mata powder, and most cats will like it very much.


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