Do Kittens Need a Cat Scratcher?

1. The role of cat scratcher


Quality cat scratchers can help cats keep their nails at a proper length. Nails that are too long will hurt themselves, while nails that are too short will make them feel that their nails are not sharp enough to "hunt." In addition, cats can mark their territory by the smell left behind after scratching. The most important reason a cat scratcher is usually considered a necessity is that your cat may scratch your furniture, including sofas, carpets, or anything else made of soft materials.


2. Do kittens need a cat scratcher?


Kittens need quality cat scratchers. Cats need a cat scratcher to sharpen their claws for more than two or three months, because it is their nature to sharpen claws, and they often vent by grinding their claws. Because cats' nails are always growing, so they always have the need to sharpen claws. In order to prevent cats from scratching the furniture, it is better to develop the habit of using cat scratchers from an early age.


Quality cat scratchers


Of course, preparing quality cat scratchers is a prerequisite, but the key is to allow cats to use quality cat scratchers correctly. The purpose is to prevent cats from scratching other objects, such as sofas. In addition, if cat does not like to use the cat scratcher, you can also prepare a cat scratching tree or a cat scratch pad cardboard for the cat or often take the cat to concrete floor. Finally, the cat's nails need to be trimmed regularly.


Cats over two or three months old need quality cat scratchers. Grinding paws is their nature. In life, whether they are happy or stressed, cats will vent by grinding paws. In order to avoid the cat scratching the furniture by grinding its claws, it is better to prepare a cat scratcher for it from an early age and make it develop the habit of using a cat scratcher, and also a cat scratcher can be used for one or two months. Although cats can use the cat scratcher to sharpen their claws, their claws still need to be cut regularly, which not only prolongs the service life of cat scratcher, but also prevents accidental injury when you playing with it.

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