Do We Need a Cat Scratcher in the House with a Cat? Why Do We Have to Use a Cat Scratcher?

1. The Claw Grinding Behavior of Cats


The claws of cats are much sharper and more destructive than the claws of dogs. Cats also grind their claws like dogs. In order to prevent cats from damaging household items by grinding their claws, it is necessary to use cat scratchers.


Cats sharpen their claws to keep their claws sharp and make a mark at that position. The cat is preparing for hunting food with sharp claws. In this regard, cats are indeed wilder than dogs. At the same time, grinding claws can also intimidate others, which is similar to the foot action of a kitten when sucking breast milk, but it is different in meaning.


2. Why Do We Need to Prepare a Cat Scratcher?


When cats are obsessed with the work of grinding claws or are addicted to the fun of grinding claws, the scolding of the owner basically does not work. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a place for cats to grind their claws as soon as possible. Then you have to prepare a cat scratcher to let them grind their claws and vent their anxiety. Training should be started from the kitten stage to avoid harm to furniture to the greatest extent. You can prepare a few more cat scratchers and place them in every corner of the house so that the cat realizes that this is where it grinds its claws.


In addition, try to spare as much time as possible to accompany the cat and play with the cat to consume its energy, which will not only give it a sense of security but also allow it to consume excess energy. If it has enough exercise, it won't grab furniture anymore.


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