Do You Know the Importance of Pet Toys?

As the pace of work and life accelerates, people are facing increasing psychological pressure, and many people choose to keep pets to ease the pressure. The 2019 "China Pet Industry White Paper" survey found that nearly 90% of the high-spending groups of pets treat pets as relatives and children, and owners hope to bring better care to their pets. This kind of care is not only reflected in the pursuit of quality in feeding, but also in playing with pets, trying to enhance mutual feelings through pet toys. So what are pet toys, and what are the functions of pet toys?


1. What Are Pet Toys?


Pet toys are a branch of the toy profession. They are toys centered on pets and tailored around their physical and psychological characteristics. As a link between humans and pets for psychological communication and emotional interaction, pet toys are essential "life products" for the symbiotic relationship between humans and pets. The development of the foreign pet toy industry is earlier than that in China. The annual consumption of pet toys by pet owners accounts for a large proportion of the consumption of pet supplies. At present, domestic pet toys are still in the development stage, but the demand is relatively strong, especially popular after the 90s and 95s generation.



2. What Is the Role of Pet Toys?


First, pet toys mobilize pets' emotions and activate their temperaments. When pets first join the family, they will feel unfamiliar, scared and even have a stress response in the new environment. Especially as the proportion of adoption instead of purchase increases, many pets who have been injured will remain vigilant. How to allow pets to adapt to the new environment as soon as possible, and to enjoy the love from the owner without worries has become an urgent problem to be solved. In this way, pet toys can become the "olive branch" thrown by pet owners to pets, which can prevent pets from harming the owners due to adverse reactions, and can become familiar with the new environment as soon as possible under the buffering effect of pet toys. Pet toys can establish an intimate relationship with the owner, weaken the pet's insecurities, and gradually relax their vigilance.


Second, pet toys are emotional sustenance and support for pets when they are alone. For work and life reasons, when pet owners leave their pets at home or sent to pet shops for foster care, for pets whose owners are not around or suddenly leave a familiar home environment, pet toys are tantamount the important emotional sustenance and support to dispelling their fears and anxiety. When pets are alone at home, they are prone to anxiety due to separation from their owners. Pet toys can relieve them during play and reduce the loss of appetite and barking caused by anxiety; when pets are fostered, because the toy has the familiar smell of the pet, the pet can be "comforted" in an unfamiliar environment, and the self-harm caused by insecurity can be reduced.



Pet toys are essential in stabilizing the pet's mood, enhancing the interaction with the owner, and accompanying the pet. It is the owner's right-hand man in caring for the pet, and it is also the pet's loyal "friend". In the face of assorted needs, more black technology is applied to the design of pet toys, and more intelligent and personalized pet toys are favored by owners, and pet toys have a lot to do in scientifically raising pets.


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