Does Cat Like Cat Scratcher and Scratching Post for a Cat?

1. The emergence of cat scratcher and scratching post for a cat


Scratching is a natural expression of cats. Through scratching, cats can sharpen their claws, mark them with scents and claw marks, and stretch their bodies. However, when a wild cat becomes a domestic cat, the cat's instinctive scratching behavior becomes a behavioral problem that annoys cat owners. Some owners even perform paw removal surgery on their cats for this reason. This behavior should be severely condemned!


However, cat scratcher and cat scratching carpet for a cat on the pet supplies online store are full of various shapes and materials. Which one is useful and which one is useless? Contact refers to the active behaviors that cats show to cat scratcher in addition to scratching, including climbing up the cat scratcher, rolling and rubbing next to the cat scratcher, tapping and kicking the cat scratcher, etc.


Cat scratching carpet


2. Does cat like cat scratcher and scratching post for a cat?


Cats have different preferences for cat scratchers of different materials. Whether in terms of length of the claw grinding or frequency of the claw grinding, cats prefer corrugated cat scratchers and sisal cat scratchers. Maybe because the corrugated paper of corrugated cat scratcher has a texture and smell similar to wood, and wood is the most commonly used claw grinding tool for cats in the natural environment, so cats like to use corrugated cat scratcher.


In terms of contact time, cats prefer catit scratching post made of sofa material, such as rolling and rubbing on the side. It seems that kitty may just prefer to play on the sofa instead of scratching the sofa intentionally! Catnip and Matianliao can effectively increase a cat's interest in scratching post for a cat. Some use a pheromone to attract cats to scratch. But pheromone only increases the frequency of interaction between cat and cat scratcher and scratching post for a cat, not the actual scratching behavior itself. However, commercial pheromone products include both chemical pheromone and some organic extracts of catnip. It is difficult to distinguish which components of the pheromone product actually play a role.

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