Don't Cats Love to Play with Cat Toys? That's Because You Don't Understand Cats

The cat owners know that the personality of cats is more independent than dogs. They are not so clingy to their owners, and a cat can often have a blast with itself. Cats like toys very much. If owners do not have enough time to play with cats, they might as well buy some cat toys at home.


Many owners are quite willing to shop for their cats, but ther is little effect. After spending a lot of money to buy cat toys, cats only play with them once or twice, and sometimes they are completely disinterested, which bothers people much. Next, let's talk about how to choose cat toys.


1. The First Principle of Choosing Cat Toys is Strong


A qualified cat toy can withstand shaking, throwing, biting, scratching, patting, kicking, licking and swooping many times without falling apart. Cat toys filled with catnip are apt to arouse the cat's interest, but most cats bite the toys and eat the catnip inside because they like to eat catnip. So if it is not strong enough, the toy you buy may only be used as a disposable item.



2. Cat Toys Should Be Fluffy and Moving


As felid, cats have the instinct to hunt animals, and moving toys will be treated as prey by them, and naturally they will be very excited to chase them. It is actually a reason to require toys to be furry. In nature, animals with fur and feathers were once the prey of cats. By nature, cats are more interested in these things.


3. The Smell and Color of Cat Toys


Catnip and alfalfa are the favorites of cats. If cat toys have the smell of these two things, cats will probably enjoy them. In addition, it is said that cats also have their own preferences for colors. The specific color that they like may depend on the individual, and everyone needs to test it by themselves!


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