Four Benefits of Placing a Cat Post in Your Home

Does your cat have an exclusive cat post?


In the eyes of some cat keepers, cat posts seem to be not very important to cats. After all, there are so many places to play in the home, so why bother to add cat posts?


But in the eyes of cats, cat posts are something that attracts them very much, because cat posts can expand the vertical space, and cat posts include interesting little houses, toys and tops that represent status. These things can make them fascinated. 


It is really necessary to install a cat post in the home, especially for cat keepers who have small home. It can increase cats' area to play in and makes cats no longer feel stressed because of the narrow house.


The first benefit of installing a cat post


The first benefit of installing a cat post is that it reduces the impact of cats on the living space of cat keepers.


Although raising cats does not require cat owners to take them out frequently, cats are not obedient and they still occasionally bring some "surprises" to cat owners at home.


For example, cats can sharpen their nails on furniture and walls at home, throw things off the table, bite paper towels at home, and scratch their cat keepers. These are just some of the bad things that cats do at home.


With the cat post, there will be places for cats to rub their nails, squat on high places, and cat litters of various shapes and so on. As long as there is a cat post, many of cats' entertainment activities will be carried out on cat posts.


If cats' desire to play is satisfied, it can make them no longer like to "disturb" the living space of cat keepers.



The second benefit of installing a cat post


The second benefit of installing a cat post is to increase the amount of exercise for cats.


This benefit is the most important. It can not only increase cats' vertical space movement range, but also make cats not always bounce in the horizontal space.


With cat posts, the chances of cats to exercise at night can be increased. After all, cats are nocturnal animals. If their energy at night is not consumed, they will make some mischievous things.


This is especially important for young cats, because kittens need sufficient exercise, which is good for their physical development. (Actually, it mainly increases the space for the cat to move)


The third advantage of installing a cat post


The third advantage of installing a cat post: cats like cat posts that make full use of the vertical space to play in.


In fact, the reason why cats do not like to wander around like dogs is very simple. Their habit is that they like to play in vertical spaces, so they always jump to the highest point.


Cat posts can not only let cats play, but also let cats rest and monitor on cat posts. After all, there are various entertainment facilities on cat posts (depending on the size of cat posts). How can such an interesting multifunctional space not attract the attention of cats!


The fourth benefit of installing cat posts


The fourth benefit of installing cat posts: the cat keepers can also feel satisfied.


I wonder if you would like to take photos of cats. If you like, then a cat post is a good place to take photos.


Cats are really cute when they play on cat posts. They play or lie down there as if letting go of their burdens.


And it's also very interesting to play with cats on cat posts. The person who play with cats is like going back to his childhood when he built a castle on the back mountain and lived a "elf" in it. Playing with cats really bring a lot of fun.


However, cat posts are different according to their size and pros and cons. A good cat post can certainly make cats get enough happiness.


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