Guide to Avoiding Problems when Choosing a Cat Tree

There are too many styles of cat trees, too many choices, and often you can't choose the style that suits your cat after a round of shopping, making yourself irritable.

I. Type of Cat Tree

There are four styles of cat tree: Cat tree, lofty pillar, wall-mounted cat tree, cat villa.


II. Purchase Points of Cat Tree

The main purchase of cat climbing frame is three points: material, service life, and safety performance.

1. Material

The material is undoubtedly the first choice for safety, health, environmental protection, and no odor. The cat's sense of smell is very sensitive, and the cat's sense of smell is more than 200,000 times that of humans. You don't want the cat climbing frame you bought yourself to be rejected by the cat.


2. Service life

There are four types of cat trees on the market, such as corrugated paper, particleboard, density board, and solid wood board.

Corrugated paper is prone to aging and will be waste when it meets water. Even if it is properly protected, it is hard to withstand the cat's paw. Generally, it needs to be replaced after 3-6 months.

Particleboard density board has a service life of 1-2 years. Because the board is glued and pressed, it is also easy to crack and deform when exposed to water, resulting in poor stability and potential safety hazards.

Due to the uniform structure, fine material, stable performance, impact resistance, poor load-bearing capacity, non-moisture-proof, and easy to be deformed by moisture, the service life of MDF is 2-3 years.


3. Safety performance

Safety performance is even more important. If there is more than one cat in the house, it is especially important to choose a cat climbing frame suitable for your cat according to your needs.

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