How to Choose a Good Scratcher for Cats

If you have a cat, you must have a scratch board, which is used for the cat's need to grind the claws, and preventing the cat from destroying the furniture. Therefore, the owners will buy the cat scratcher for their cat, but they don't know what kind of cat scratcher is suitable for cats. Besides, there are various types of cat scratchers, how to choose a suitable cat scratcher for your cats?


First of all, ensure that the material is safe. In addition to scratching the cat scratcher, the cat also likes to lick and bite the cardboard. Therefore, cat scratchers with printed colors are likely to contain chemical substances. It is recommended to buy cat scratchers that are not painted with any color to ensure the health of the cat.


Secondly, select the appropriate aperture. If the hole on the surface of the scratcher is too small, the cat is not very fond of scratching, and the cardboard is not resistant to scratching. It is recommended to choose cat scratchers with a larger hole, and the ventilation of the cat scratcher is also better.

Third, if the cat scratcher is easy to flatten or deform after being pressed, it means that the material has poor weight resistance and cannot withstand the cat's long-term play, so it is not recommended to buy it.


Reminder: The owner can judge the wear rate of the scratcher from the consumption rate of the scratcher's surface and the number of crumbs, and help the cat to replace it with a new scratcher in time. The cat scratcher that really suits your own situation still needs to be carefully selected! For the cat, you must be patient to choose a good cat scratcher.


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