How to Choose a Satisfactory Cat Condos for Cats?

For a qualified cat lover, the standard behavior to show his love is to let cats take a nap comfortably after "traveling thousands of miles, trekking through mountains and rivers". At this time, we are required to prepare a comfortable comfort nest as a gift for new members before cat arrives. For cats who are tired after riding in the car, a comfortable cat condo is more tempting than an intimate hug.


1. Choose the right size of cat condos


In order to allow the cat to stretch freely when sleeping, the size of cat condos should be large or not small, and the length and width of cat when stretching should be the best standard. Classified by material, cat tower houses and cat condos can be made of wood, bamboo, palm trees, olive trees, oak, birch and chipboard.


Cat tower houses and cat condos


2. Choose fashionable and novel cat condos styles


There are various cat condos on good online pet stores that can meet the needs of the public. They are usually three-dimensional, with a sponge inside, which can be very comfortable for cats. Owners can choose cat condos with bright colors and cute styles according to their own preferences and home style. Besides "pleasing" these delicate little guys, don't they also add a different kind of scenery to the family? It is worth noting that most cats, especially those timid cats, are naturally attracted to enclosed spaces like cat condos, because cat condos provide a sense of security. The cat condo can be a good timeout box for cats to stay in when they want to relax.


3. Pay attention to the placement of cat condos


The best place to put cat condos should be quiet, ventilated, warm and relatively close to the owner, so that cats can live comfortably and be caressed by owner at any time. Do not place cat condos under the window, otherwise the cat will not only be shocked by the thunderstorm, but it will also be bad for the cat's health if it is soaked like a drowned rat.


It should also be noted that cats like a warm and dry environment. Owners should try to put cat condos in a well-lit room and clean the surrounding environment regularly. When cats lazily feel the ray of sunlight transmitted through the nest, they will be so grateful for the owners’ kindness.


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