How to Choose Solid Wood Cat Tree Material?

I. What Are the Materials of Solid Wood Cat Tree?

When we choose a solid wood cat tree, we must pay attention to the material. First of all, we know that the solid wood tree mainly consists of five parts: column, pallet, wrapping, rope, and hardware. Among them, the pillars and pallets are the main structure of the whole hair tree, which directly determine the life and stability of the tree. The pile and rope are closely related to the smell and touch of the tree.

Secondly, if a certain structure of the solid wood cat tree is not stable enough, then the tree will fall apart in minutes, and the smell and touch determine whether the cat will enjoy the crawl, so both of these need to be carefully considered.

II. How to Choose Solid Wood Cat Tree Material

1. Column and Pallet Materials

The firmness of the solid wood cat tree is naturally needless to say, no matter how the cat catches it, it will not be broken, and the durability is high, but the corresponding price is relatively high. After all, good products are not cheap.

2. Fleece and Rope Material

The fleece is mainly based on no peculiar smell, no static electricity, comfortable and soft to use as the standard, while the rope is resistant to scratching and abrasion, no color, and no bleaching as the standard. Cats are very picky about the environment. They also like to be clean. If the climbing frame has a bleaching smell, glue smell, chemical wool smell, static electricity, etc., the cat will abandon the tree mercilessly.

When choosing a solid wood cat climbing frame, you should personally feel the texture of the wrapped or tangled rope. The tangled rope is generally sisal white brown rope, which not only emits the fragrance of the grass, but also is stronger to use.


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