How to Make A Simple Cat Bed

Happy cats need a safe and warm place to spend a good time lazily. On average, cats sleep for 12 to 16 hours a day, it is really important for them to have a place to snooze! You can use cardboard boxes to build a nest, use T-shirts to build a tent, or use sweaters to sew a small bed, and present a safe and comfortable bed to your cat. 

1. Choose a cardboard box according to the cat's body size. Compared with humans, cats are more sensitive to the feeling of cold. The cat litter is not only a warm harbor for cats to rest and relax, but also protect cats from wind and cold. The cardboard boxes on the market come in a variety of colors, floral patterns, retro or modern designs. You can choose a cardboard box that suits your home style, or you can directly use cardboard boxes in supermarkets or small stores.


2. Cut a square or round door hole on the front of the box. Cut the door hole with scissors or a utility knife. If the cat is old and sluggish, it is more reasonable to cut the door hole at ground level; if the cat is young and lively, cut the door hole at half height of the front of the box.


3. Tailor nests for cats according to their needs and preferences. Does the cat like a quiet and dark environment?  Does the cat like a comfortable and dark or open and bright carton? These questions will help you design a perfect cat bed for your cat.


4. Put a soft and comfortable cushion in the nest. This allows the cat to adapt to the nest quickly and happily. The whiskers and pads of cats are very sensitive, so they enjoy the soft material very much. Consider which materials the cat likes. Pillows, cushions, blankets, fluffy fabrics or retro curtains may all be very suitable materials.


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