How to Make a Simple Cat Bed with Old Sweaters

1. Cats Need a Good Sleeping Environment


Happy cats need a safe and warm hiding place to spend a good time lazily. On average, cats sleep for 12 to 16 hours a day, so it's really important to have a place to snooze. In less than 15 minutes, you can tailor a cat bed with suitable size, shape, and comfort according to the needs and personality characteristics of your cat.


2. How to Make a Simple Cat Bed with Old Sweaters


1) Choose an Old Sweater

You can easily make a perfect cat bed in 30 minutes. If the cat likes to look around in the sun, this is the best cat bed. It is not only safe and warm but also very simple. Choose an old sweater or pullover sweater that your cat likes. The sweater should have long sleeves because you have to shape it into a basket with long sleeves.


2) Stitch the Sides of the Long Sleeves with the Sides of the Sweater

You only need to prepare some yarn and a tapestry needle. The color of the woolen thread can be contrasting, such as a red thread for a black pullover. You can also choose the same color. Start sewing from the place where the armpit and the sideline intersect, and then pause when the sewing is about halfway. Treat the other side in the same way.


3) Fold the Bottom Edge of the Sweater

Place the sleeves on the front side and roll up the sweater from the bottom. The cuffs should overlap slightly. In this way, the ring around the bed is completed. Fill it with the material. Sew both sleeves to the top of the rolled sweater edge. At the position where the cuffs overlap, put one cuff into the other cuff, and then sew it along the edge of the outer cuff. In this way, the ring around the bed is completed. You need to fill it later.


4) Take a Flat Stitch from One Armpit to the Other Armpit

Depending on the style of the cat bed, you can hide the threads or use contrasting colors. Keep a certain arc when sewing, so that you can sew a half-moon shape. Make sure that both layers of the sweater are sewn. The greater the arc, the rounder the bed.


5) Fill the Ring Until It Is Bulging Like a Sausage

In this way, a small bed has a stable and comfortable sidewall, which makes it comfortable and safe for the cat to stay inside. Even if cats come in and out frequently, the bed can keep a good shape. Use old cloth blocks, fillings, or old clothes strips to make the cat bed look good and full. Put a cushion under the bed and sew up the neckline.


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