How To Make Full Use Of Cat Toys

BMany cat owners complained that they bought so many cat toys for their cats, but few toys are really liked by them. The attraction of the toy itself is one reason, and the way the owner uses the toy is also one of the important reasons. Only if you make good use of cat toys can make them more attractive to cats.

1. Use different game methods to attract cats' attention

Most owners don't pay much attention to interacting with cats. Once the cats don't like a cat toy, they will consider that the toy itself is not attractive enough, but they have never considered that there is a problem with their ways of playing. According to the characteristics of cat toys, you can use different ways to attract cats' attention. Take the cat teaser as an example, we can use it to imitate the movement of snakes, rats, or other animals, so as to stimulate the cat's hunting nature.

2. Do not use toys too frequently

No matter what the toy is, it will definitely make the cat feel bored over time. Moreover, toys are original tools to relieve boredom, so you don't have to let cats play with them all the time. You don't have to give toys to cats to play with every day. If there are plenty of toys, you can change different toys each time.

3. Let them have a sense of accomplishment

No matter what the toy is, you should let the cats catch it after the cats tease them for some time. Only in this way can the cats have a sense of accomplishment and arouse their interest. 

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