How to Stop the Cat from Scratching Inappropriately?

1. The emergence of cat clawing post


Cat marks his territory by scratching. It leaves visual signals to other cats, as well as the smell of paw glands. Scratching can also help them take care of their paws because it can remove old paw sheaths. Cat stretches out its paws and front legs when scratching. Cats like to scratch repeatedly in the same place. If the place they choose is your furniture, then your furniture will suffer. So the appearance of a cat clawing post saved the furniture.


Cat clawing posts


2. Use a cat clawing post to prevent cats from scratching inappropriately


Comparing cat clawing posts provided in households where cats do not have improper scratching with cat clawing posts provided in households where cats have improper scratching, it is found that cats of those households that provide rope cat clawing posts are least likely to have improper scratching problems.


If a cat has a cat clawing post or a cat tree condo tower that is not too tall, they are also less likely to scratch inappropriately. It is useful to know about it because many cat clawing posts sold in pet stores are shorter than this and do not allow cats to fully stretch. If possible, choose a higher cat clawing post for the cat. Sisal scratch pads are also a good choice for cats who like to scratch horizontally. They are generally available in a variety of sizes. Each cat has cat clawing posts of different levels, budgets and styles, from basic catit scratching posts to more modern cat clawing posts, such as catit scratching posts with holes and cushions from Poils bebe pet supplies online store​.


Cat clawing posts that are hung or pasted on the wall and cat clawing posts of inappropriate height are generally rarely used by cats, which shows that many cats do not like this kind of scratching post for a cat very much. Cat should have more than one catit scratching post, and then multiple cat clawing posts can be chosen for them. If you have multiple cats, each cat needs to use cat clawing post, because having multiple independent resources is one of the requirements for providing a healthy environment for cats.

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