How to Train a Cat to Use a Cat Climbing Frame

Many friends who have cats will buy a cat climbing frame for their cat to grind their claws, but they often encounter the dilemma that the cat refuses to use the cat climbing frame. In fact, cats can also be trained to use cat climbing frames. 


Grinding claws is the habit of cats, so it is impossible to stop them from grinding claws. For a kitten, the claws are its most powerful weapon, so the aging keratin must be worn away from time to time to make it extremely sharp. In addition, grinding claws is also show their power and increase the odor. There are odor glands inside the cat's forefoot, so it grinds its claws to leave its own odor. In the training of cats, grinding claws is the most difficult thing. Therefore, it must be carried out before the kitten has been scratching furniture.

Cats have the habit of scratching immediately after waking up and like to scratch the objects around the cat's bed to move and relax their forelimbs and paws. Therefore, when adjusting its scratching behavior, planks or cat scratching posts should be placed as close as possible to the cat's nest. As the cat grows up, the size of the wooden post or board should be increased appropriately, and then the wooden post or board can be fixed on the wall near the cat bed.


You can prepare a special grinding tool. Although there are many types on the market, it is also quite good to make it yourself. First, put a thick wooden post about 70 cm long and 20 cm in diameter or a wooden board about 37 cm long and 20 cm wide near the cat nest. In the beginning, it can be placed horizontally, so that the kitten can climb up and down.


If the kitten does not scratch, the owner can gently stroke the cat's head with his hands and press down on its head to force it to scratch the wooden post or board, but the action must be gentle. 


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