Indoor Raising or Free Range, Which One is Better?

Since cats are raised by humans, whether to keep cats indoors or free range has always been a topic of debate. Some people say that cats outdoors have a shorter life span but are healthier. On the other hand, cat keepers worry that the loneliness and small indoor environment will cause the cats to become lazy, even obese and overweight. A family with many cats also makes the family feel crowded because there are cats everywhere. 

Some people say that cats raised indoors can avoid a lot of dangers and obviously have a longer life span than cats raised outdoors. In fact, most veterinarians and animal behavior experts recommend strict indoor breeding. Although it is very exciting to see our cats hunting and cruising outside, indoor breeding can avoid many external dangers: in the wild, aging means death, but indoor cats don’t need to worry about aging bodies. They don’t need to worry about unfriendly humans, poisonous food, terrible traffic, rabies, leukemia, feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), ice and snow, traps, etc. Even though sometimes due to the animal’s nature, outdoor cats know how to avoid some dangers, but they can’t hide from hunters or malicious humans.

Feeding cats strictly indoors is not a cruel thing, as long as you give them enough exercise. The application of many toys can imitate the hunting behavior of cats in the natural environment, such as laser pointers and cat sticks. The cat scratch house imitates the cat's crawling behavior in the natural environment. The hanging cat perch next to the window allows the cat to see the flowers and plants outside without worrying about the dangers outside. With the development of modern technology, cats can enjoy all kinds of fun brought by nature.

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