Make Your Own Pet Mat to Keep Your Pet Comfortable During the Summer

Nowadays, there are many people who have pets, cute and clingy creatures, energetic dogs... I can often see people posting photos of pets, however, raising cats and dogs is a good time, but taking care of pets makes you feel angry. For cat owners, it has become a problem that how to make cats spend every day quietly and comfortably.



Therefore, today we have brought you a tutorial on making your own pet cushion, and let us guard the happiness of the cats!


1. How to make pet cushions?


Self-made pet cushions, not only can customize the size, but also can put waste clothes, waste blankets into the cushion, not only make you happy for waste utilization, but also easy to disassemble and clean. You will no longer have to worry about the cat's dirty claws stain the blankets, sofas, sheets and so on...And you can also make a  beautiful cat house and a cane cat cave for you cat. So how to make pet cushions?


2. Materials needed to make pet cushions


1) Printed cloth


2) Side cloth (plain cloth)


3) A 50cm zipper


4) Machine stitch


5) Old clothes, old blankets or old pillows



3. Procedures of making pet cushions


1) Cut the fabric to below size:


Calico: 42cm (height) x 54cm (width) x 2 pieces


Side cloth: 12cm (height) x 42cm (width) x 2 pieces


Side cloth: 12cm (height) x 54cm (width) x 2 pieces


2) Take out one of the printed fabrics and place it on the front of the zipper. Then replace the zipper foot and start sewing the zipper. When sewing the zipper, start sewing from the end of the zipper.


3) Take out the 54cm side cloth (plain cloth), place it on the front side of the zipper, and start sewing.


4) Turn the sewn cloth out of the front, and press the thread at the edge 2mm.


5) Use a chalk or water-soluble pen to draw a line 11cm away from the seam between the printed cloth and the zipper, and leave a seam allowance of 1cm.


6) Take out another 54cm side cloth (plain cloth), place it on the front side of the printed cloth, and sew along the sewing line from the starting point.


7) Stitch the sides of adjacent side cloths together.


8) Pull the zipper halfway as a return.


9) Sew the printed cloth of the base cloth and make the front side of the side cloth in a circle, with a seam allowance of 1cm.


10) Turn out the front and stuff old clothes, old blankets or old pillows into the cushion.


Okay, a comfortable pet cushion is ready, and you can do it by yourselves. My cat is dying to the cushion now!


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