Pet Supplies for Cats: What Are the Styles of Scratching Boards?

1. Pet supplies for cats: why cat scratching boards are needed


Cat owners know that cats like to scratch things in a fixed place. This is not only to leave the smell of glands on the paws but to let other cats know that this is its territory. In addition, the cat does not want to sharpen its own claws, but to remove the worn-out claw shell to expose the already-grown and sharp claws inside.


Carpet cat scratcher​


One of a cat's instincts is to sharpen claws and scratch. In addition to preventing the claw from getting longer and longer, scratching is also one of the necessary hunting skills for cats. From thousands of years ago to today, even if cats have evolved into companion animals that do not need to support themselves, these instincts still remain and have caused us a lot of trouble. Today's cats have become natural enemies with sofas, wallpaper, and other furniture! So at this time, in order to protect the home, cat scratchers for pet supplies for cats were produced. Carpet cat scratcher​, one of the pet supplies for cats, began to become popular with the mission of becoming a furniture substitute that cats like to scratch.


2. Pet supplies for cats: styles of cat scratchers


One of the pet supplies for cats, carpet cat scratcher, mainly includes these types: flat, curved, bowl, three-dimensional, and scratching post. As one of the pet supplies for cats, a carpet cat scratcher is a relatively common and simple one. Because it is relatively simple, the cat is uncomfortable lying on it, so it is possible to scratch a few times and then scratch the sofa. Curved carpet cat scratchers are relatively common on the market now, and curved ones are sofa-shaped and wave-shaped. Since cats like to scratch the sofa so much, just buy cat scratching boards. But because the scratcher, which is one of the pet supplies for cats, is relatively thin and light, the cat may drag it around. But carpet cat scratcher is cheap, even if it is scratched, you don’t feel angry. Because it is better than the cat scratching the sofa.


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