Pet Toys Also Require Detail

1. Quality inspection of pet toys


You may not know that the shape of pet toys is also an important part of the quality inspection. The gap between the facial features of the pet toy, the size of the stitching line, the size of the facial features, the tension of the pet toy, the overall shape of the pet toy, etc., all the quality of these items need to be strictly controlled.



2. The packaging of pet toys


Of course, in addition to the problem of pet toys, the packaging of pet toys is also very important when they are ready to go out of the factory after meeting the standards. One detail that pet toy manufacturers should pay attention to is that when making cartons, the bar code on the outer carton must be correctly scanned.



3. Wholesale pet toys


When wholesale pet toys on the pet supplies online store, you may encounter that the other party is trying to falsify, the sample is not a standard with the bulk product. Sometimes you can't notice the small details, but there is a very big gap. Good pet toy manufacturers will not smash their own signs like this. Quality samples and bulk goods must be made with the same material and technology. The bulk goods cannot be a standard, and the samples are another standard, including fabrics, workmanship, packaging materials, etc.


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