Please Throw These Pet Toys Away!

At present, most pet toys on the market are made of EVA materials, and different kinds of toys make dogs love them.


But did you know that they are exuding toxicity?


1. Pet toys made of EVA materials


EVA itself is a non-toxic and harmless environmental protection material. But at present, many domestic manufacturers choose to add some additives in order to save costs when using EVA, which can improve the foaming effect and reduce the amount of EVA used, and these additives are basically toxic.


EVA itself is a small transparent particle, which needs to be foamed to make pet toys. The azodicarbonamide (AC) foaming agent used in the foaming process will decompose and recombine to form formamide under high temperature conditions.




There is currently no standard for pet toy products. Some manufacturers use a large amount of foaming agent. The more the amount added, the more foaming and lighter quality, which saves costs, but at the same time the residual formamide content will increase accordingly.


2. How harmful is formamide in pet toys?


Formamide, also known as amino formaldehyde, is an industrial chemical that has been classified as a reproductive toxic substance by the European Chemicals Agency. Toxicological studies have confirmed that formamide can be absorbed into the body through the respiratory tract, digestive tract and skin and mucous membranes. According to research, female rats ingested a certain concentration of formamide, their pregnancy rate, litter birth rate, and pup survival rate all decreased significantly, and the animal's nervous system, vascular system and liver were all damaged to varying degrees.


3. What are the EVA products?


The most common EVA products are crawling mats for children. In order to understand the volatilization of formamide in children's crawling mats, A quality supervision bureau has continuously monitored the volatilization of formamide in crawling mats. The results show that after children crawling mats being placed in the room for about 10 days, formamide can generally volatilize about 3% of its content; after being placed for 20 days, it will volatilize about 5%; the concentrated volatilization stage is about 30 days after opening the mats, and generally 10% of its content will volatilize. The remaining formamide evaporates slowly during use.


While pet toys directly contact the dog's mouth, they can directly enter the body through the respiratory tract and digestive tract. If formamide encounters high temperature, ammonia gas will be produced. After the contact, the eyes, skin and mucous membranes of dogs will be damaged.


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