Precautions For Choosing Cat Toys

Choosing the right cat toy is very important, it must be of good quality and not harmful to the cat's body. Therefore, in order to choose a good cat toy, you should pay attention to the following things.

1. It should be firm. If it can withstand shaking, throwing, biting, scratching, patting, kicking, and swooping for many times without being scattered, it can be said to be a good cat toy. Cat toys filled with catnip are prone to arouse the cat's interest, but most cats can bite the toys and eat the catnip inside because they like to eat catnip. Therefore, catnip toys made of thin cloth may turn into rags within a week. The same is true for plastic or vinyl toys that are easily bitten or broken.

2. There should be no parts that are easy to fall off. The four most popular cat toys are catnip mice with wired tails, caterpillars with inlaid eyes, oversized plush wasps with patterns, and plastic tennis balls. But they have a common weakness: their parts are small and easy to fall off. If you can tear off an ornament from a cat toy, so can the cat. Therefore, you can use this method to check the existing toys.

3. It also needs to be interesting. Many cat owners have encountered this situation: a cat toy bought for a hundred yuan is not as attractive as a small paper ball or a table tennis ball. Cats like to use their skills in games, such as climbing, running, jumping, hiding, and flapping. Cats are more likely to see moving things, so they prefer toys that can sway, or jump up and down, or run around because these toys can stimulate the cat's nature of hunting.

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