Precautions for Choosing Toys for Cats

Pets like cats and dogs look like small children in the eyes of many owners. Since they are children, they need to play with pet toys. In the past, cats could climb trees, play with balls of yarn, play with leaves and pebbles, and they could also catch mice and bugs. Nowadays, pet products are developing rapidly, and pet toys are also diverse and dazzling. Many owners will ponder for a long time every time they want to buy a new pet toy for a cat, but it is difficult to make a choice.


Some people may think that since there are so many pet toys to choose from, just pick and choose. Anyway, there are people who buy pet toys, and they don’t bother to choose. No more. In fact, it's normal to have such thoughts, but for cats, expensive toys may not necessarily be liked. Every cat has its own personality and habits. Cat owners should choose pet toys that suit them. Polis bebe is a professional pet products shop, and customers can buy cheap pet supplies online which suit cats the most on our wbsite. In addition, generally speaking, cats will be interested in toys with the following characteristics.


1. Pet toys that can move on their own or interactively


In addition to simply wanting to vent the excess energy when playing with pet toys, cats will also incorporate hunting skills into the process of playing. Kittens in the wild do not have pet toys. Just a few friends chasing each other, or playing with their mother's tail, they will also chase wind-blown leaves, grass blades and other debris. Few cats like to play with big rocks, tables, chairs and cabinets that won't move. Even if they play, they will bounce around a few times and quickly lose interest.



Because being unable to move means being unable to receive responses and feedback, cats will prefer moving things. The electric cat stick that can move, the ball that can roll, the objects held by the owner, etc., are all pet toys that cats like. They can attract cats' attention and interest more than things that are still.


2. Pet toys with threads, ropes and tassels


Cats also like to play with toys with tassels, ropes and slender strips, because they like to respond to the different dynamics of pet toys during the cat's pounce and play. If the pet toy has long lines, the cat's owner will wave it. During the process and when the cat paws, these lines will swing and move in an unfixed direction, which makes it easier for the cat to be interested in it. In addtion, cat scratch pads for couch is necessary for cats to play with for cats can also paw on them.


3. Pet toys with feathers and fluffy parts


Cats will catch mice, bugs and birds to eat in the wild. They are naturally interested in the fur of small animals and the feathers of small birds. Cats that have been kept indoors since childhood have never caught mice and birds, but pet toys with fluff and feathers on the surface will still make cats interested, and they will feel like they are hunting when they are playing.



These are general conditions. Cats have individual differences and all have their own favorite pet toys. If you don't know your cat's preferences and interests, the owner can choose a few more options to test, and there will be a direction to choose in the future. When trying a new toy for a cat, you should give the cat space. You can't hold it in your hand and greet the cat's face as soon as you come up. In this case, a cat will wave his paw to play or simply run away. The correct way is to stand farther and shake to see if the cat will come and play by itself.


In addition, when choosing pet toys for cats and playing with them, owners should pay attention to two aspects: First, the freshness of pet toys. Cat’s enthusiasm is short-lived. If there is only one type of pet toy, they may get tired after playing with them for a while, but they don't know when they will like it again. Therefore, it is necessary to keep pet toys updated from time to time and keep old pet toys well. When playing the pet toys with cats, owners should not throw away the cat every time when the cat is about to catch it. They should properly let the cat catch it successfully to satisfy their sense of accomplishment in hunting.


The second is the safety of pet toys. When buying a new pet toy, the owners must first check to make sure that there are no small parts on the toy that the cat can easily tear and swallow; see if there are weak glue stains and sharp objects in the bonding of different parts of the pet toy ; If it is a pet toy mouse, be sure to pull the mouse's eyes and tail to see if it is easy to fall off. It is nothing new for cats to accidentally eat parts while playing with pet toys, so owners must put away pet toys with too many odds and ends when they are not playing, just in case.


Poils bebe provides various pet toys. If you have any needs or concerns, please feel free to contact us.


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