Precautions For Using Catnip Toys

Catnip, formerly known as Nepeta, is a herbaceous plant with a strong aroma that can repel mosquitoes and insects. Besides, it can make cats crazy, so many cat owners jokingly call it "cat drugs". 

1. The role of catnip

Although catnip is called a "cat drug", it is not addictive. About two-thirds of cats are sensitive to the smell of catnip, so it is also a useful tool to make cats happy. You can choose some catnip toys for cats, such as small cloth bags filled with catnip, cat paw boards, and mouse toys, or you can buy seeds and grow them so that cats can enjoy fresh catnip. 

2. Precautions for using catnip toys

However, when using catnip toys, you should pay attention to a few things. First, don't let cats contact with catnip for a long time, because if it is used too frequently, it will lose its effect and the cat will no longer interested in it. The frequency of use should be less than once a week. Also, please keep catnip toys sealed, and don't let them hang in the room for a long time. If there are many cats in the house, please use catnip separately, because cats have different reactions when they smell catnip, and some may become very excited. If many cats are together, there may be harassment, so it is best not to use catnip together.

Don't use too much at a time, otherwise, it may cause some cats to have difficulty in breathing.

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