Products for Pets: What Are the Factors to Consider when Choosing a Suitable Cat Play Stand?

Cat owners know that cats are active and like to climb. If you prepare a suitable cat play stand for it, it will reduce the damage to household items caused by its active movement. At the same time, the cat play stand is used as its toy, and a cat also has its own space. So, what should you consider when choosing a cat play stand suitable for your own cat?


1. Products for pets: Is the cat play stand sturdy and durable?


As one of the products for pets, the cat play stand should be sturdy and durable. Because the cat play stand is the most commonly used item by cats, whether it is durable or not is related to the life of the cat play stand. You definitely don't want to spend a lot of effort to assemble the cat play stand while it is scrapped after less than half a year. When purchasing a cat play stand, observe whether the wooden pillars of the cat play stand are strong, whether the sisal rope is tightly wound, and whether the overall weight is heavier.


cat play stand


2. Products for pets: Is the cat play stand multifunctional?


As one of products for pets, cat play stand should have versatility. If there are two or more cats in the house, it is best to choose a large cat play stand. If it is a wooden cat climbing frame, there can be some small suspension bridges, observation holes, etc. If it is a fabric cat climbing frame, you can add a few more jumping platforms and hammocks, so the cat will like it very much. It should be noted that it is best to choose a fabric cat climbing frame that can be removed and washed, because the fabric cat climbing frame is not resistant to dirt and tends to stick to cat hair and needs to be cleaned frequently.


3. Products for pets: the color and taste of cat climbing frame


As one of the most important products for pets, cat climbing frame should have color and taste that suit cats. Most cats like yellow and purple. In terms of taste, natural sisal and solid wood taste the best, without too much chemical taste. If the cat doesn't like to go to the climbing frame, you can find some cat secretion and apply it on the climbing frame, and the cat will gradually adapt to the taste. When placing the cat climbing frame, place it in a place where the cat can easily see it, so that it will be easier for the cat to climb and play.


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