The Raising of Elderly Cats

Cats are the same as humans. The older they get, their health will get worse. Cat owners must pay attention to many aspects of their life, such as eating, hair, teeth, walking posture, and so on. If something is wrong, you must notice it immediately and give your cats timely treatment.

The Weight of Elderly Cats

Older cats are not easy to maintain their previous normal weight due to physical reasons, and most cats will become thin. In order to maintain their healthy weight, the food provided by keepers should have high energy and be easy to digest and absorb. What’s more, the food should not be hard to avoid chewing difficulty for elderly cats. If the nutrient supply in cat food is insufficient, it is necessary to appropriately use nutrient cream, wet food, etc. to increase nutritional supplements.

The Sleep of Elderly Cats

Older cats’ muscle will reduce due to less exercise, making them less able to withstand the cold. Because of the increase in sleep time, and the elderly cats are not cold-resistant, they need a warm and safe bed. It’s better to put the bed for cats in a place with plenty of sunlight. If necessary, use an electric heater to keep it warm at night in winter. The eyesight of the elderly cats is gradually declining, and the bone function is also weakened, so the bed should be placed as low as possible to ensure the safety of the cat.

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The Eating of Elderly Cats

Cats have begun to enter old age when they are 8-9 years old. When the cat enters old age, due to the decline of teeth and sense of smell, the cat’s appetite will not be as good as before, and the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption capacity will also decrease. Keepers need to regulate the intestines and stomach of the elderly cats at home so that the cat’s intestines can maintain health. Adding probiotics to your cat’s diet is helpful for cats to maintain their intestinal health.

After the cat becomes old, the keeper will definitely need to pay more attention to taking care of it than before. After all, everyone’s body will have various problems when becoming older. If the keeper takes care of it properly, the cat may live a few more years.


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