Several Considerations for Choosing Pet Cats

In most cases, we are fascinated by the beauty and cute appearance of cats, but neglect to fully understand the preparations for raising a cat. It is troublesome to properly deal with various problems after raising a cat, and some people even throw the cat away! This is unacceptable. When you want to buy or adopt a cat, you must pay attention to several things: First, observe whether the cat's body is normal. Second, check whether the spirit and reaction are sensitive. Third, look carefully at whether there are any wounds in the appearance. 

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  1. Cat ears

Cat ears should be clean. If the cat keeps scratching its ears or shaking its head, the cat may be infected with scabies.

  1. The nose

The tip of the cat’s nose should feel cool and moist, and there should be no nasal fluid or discharge around the nostrils.

  1. Eyes

The cat’s eyes should be clear and bright, with no secretions from the corners of the eyes, and the third eyelid should not be exposed outside the corner of the eye (when many cats are sick, the third eyelid appears first).

  1. The anus

The cat’s anus should be clean and free of diarrhea symptoms, and the surrounding hair should be clean and free of contamination.

  1. The abdomen

The cat's abdomen should be slightly rounded, and the ribs should not be felt. If the cat's abdomen is enlarged, it may be a symptom of roundworm infection or peritonitis.

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  1. Hairs

The most obvious indicator of kittens’ health is in their hair. Healthy kitten hair should be shiny, fluffy, and straight. If the kitten’s hair is messy and dull, it means that it has been infected with the disease, or has been sick and has just been cured. It is better not to choose such a cat.


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