Several Principles for Cats to Use Cat Scratchers Correctly

I. Pet supplies for cats: the importance of cat scratching mat


Even if cat already lives in a human home, because of its nature, it still chooses at least one place in the home to catch. If you want to buy pet supplies for cats, then a cat scratching mat is essential. You can choose a cat scratching mat made of tiled paper, which is becoming more and more popular. And it is best to put it on the ground so that the cat can catch it, especially the kitten. You should start to prepare for it from an early age and put it to the place where cats sleep or rest. Or you can also fix it on the wall, but the scratching board that stands on the ground independently can easily fall down during the scratching process.



II. Pet supplies for cats: the correct use of cat scratching mat


When buying one of the pet supplies for cats, the cat claw board, please do not buy a cat scratching mat that can’t be scratched at all. Cats don’t like this kind of thing. Don’t rush to replace the messy cat claw board, because cats like the mark on it. When putting cat scratchers for pet supplies, remember the following principles:


1. Put the cat scratching mat close to the sleeping and resting area.


2. It is best to prepare more than one cat scratching mat, because there is one scratching board needed to be placed next to the sleeping place.


3. The grab board that is easy to fall is useless, it is better to fix it on the wall.


4. The size of the cat scratching mat is preferably about 15-20 cm wide and 30-40 cm long.


5. Either the cat scratching mat should be placed flat on the ground or fixed vertically on the wall.


6. The vertical cat scratching board should be about 30 cm away from the ground. Please adjust the size of the cat as the cat grows. The key point is to make the cat easy to stand and scratch.


7. When the cat starts to use it frequently, it will not move its scratching board to the place you want until it is fixed in use.


8. The heavy plastic covering the scratched furniture cannot be removed before the cat has completely scratched on the scratch board you prepared. And the material of the scratcher must be what the cat likes.


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