Sisal Cat Scratching Post Meets the Need of Cat Scratching

1. The benefits of cat clawing post


Cat clawing posts provide an outlet for your cat's normal and necessary scratching impulses. They keep your furniture and other household items from damage. A good cat clawing post should have a height, and a cat clawing post needs to be high. Also, it needs to be strong, your cat will want a very strong post. Shaky but heavy posts can be dangerous for cats, especially kittens.


From a cat's point of view, a good cat clawing post or a corrugated cardboard cat scratcher is covered with material suitable for scratching. This means that the cat can insert nails deeply, the material is not sharp and will be shredded by its nails.


Sisal cat scratching post


2. Sisal cat scratching post meets the need of cat scratching


Sisal is an excellent material for covering cat clawing post. It is made from the agave plant native to southern Mexico, but it can now be grown all over the world. This material is sustainable and biodegradable. It is also used to make carpets. In Poils bebe, you could buy pet supplies made by sisal which are of very good quality.


When used for scratching stumps, it is strong and rough, with consistency and feels similar to tree bark for your cat, which is the favourite scratching substrate for wild cats. Sisal cat scratching post is very durable, it can be used for several years before it needs to be replaced, and when to replace depends on the number of cats that like it.


Many cat clawing posts are covered with sisal rope, but sisal fabric is a better choice. When using a cat clawing post with cords, its fibres will fall off and become sharp. This will make the cat refuse to continue using the cat clawing post. On the contrary, sisal cat scratching post becomes softer when scratched, so that it will attract the cat to use it more frequently. 


In addition, the sisal cat scratching post allows the cat's paws to slide through the material, tearing while walking. Cats like this cat clawing post because they feel as if they leave visible marks on other cats, and it makes them feel pleasant.

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