Stories about Motorised Cat Toys

In our impression, cats love to eat fish and dogs love to eat bones. In the past, cats were wild enough to catch fish by themselves, but the times have changed and some cats are not interested in lively fish.


A Japanese, whose name is Mocanonno, has two beautiful cats at home, one is Gigi, a black cat with swarthy black hair, and the other is the fairy Norwegian forest cat called Chako.


Motorised Cat Toys Bought for Cats


Recently, a simulation motorised cat toys is very popular on the market, which has caused a lot of discussion. After seeing it, he decided to buy one for his two cats to see if they would like it.




He puts the motorised cat toys next to the scratcher that Chako often plays, and waits for Chako to appear. As a result, Chako was obviously shocked when she saw the lively fish, she only dared to hide in the crack of the door quietly and watch.


The motorised cat toys struggles to play the role of a fish on the scratching board, swinging its tail desperately. However, the motorised fish worked so hard, the cat was dumbfounded. Chako didn't appreciate it at all, hiding behind the door and waiting indifferently.


Chako may not like such a dynamic toy, so let the black cat Gigi have a try.


The owner still put the motorised fish in the most conspicuous place. However, after passing the sofa and spotting the beating fish, Gigi just craned his neck to look at it. After a few seconds of observation, he remained unmoved.


This motorised cat toy has been a favorite of cat fanciers for a long time, and finally mocanonno bought it back home. Unexpectedly, the two cat at home did not appreciate it and had no interest at all. 


The cat’s mind is elusive. Maybe the fish has no smell, or it beats too much, so that the cat is afraid of being hurt and dare not approach it. There are various reasons. And next time you buy toys for the cats, you’d better take them and select the toys together.


It is estimated that cats are more interested in express boxes with toys than this strange fish.


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