Teach Cats to Use Cat Clawing Post

Many cat owners have a headache for the grinding of cat's claws, because cat's claw grinding will always destroy the furniture in the home. The cat rubs its paws, not deliberately destroying it, but to shed its dead outer cocoon, keep its claws sharp, and to exercise and stretch its muscles. Especially when a cat wakes up from a deep sleep, friction is also a way to mark the sphere of influence.


Cats secrete smell through glands in their paws. But some cats don't feel like the cat clawing post. It may be that the cat clawing post you choose does not meet the cat's idea. In fact, you can choose according to the cat's preferences, and you need to teach the cat to use cat clawing post or cat tree furniture to sharpen its claws.


Teach cats to use cat clawing post


1. Equipment for cat clawing post


Cat clawing post equipment: There are many complex catit scratching posts on the market, including tree branches covered with leaves, pagoda shapes, and tubular shapes, some of which are quite expensive. If cat clawing post is not thick enough, your cat will not be happy to use it. Clawing post can also be replaced by round logs of appropriate size. The soft and moist skin prevents claws from breaking. The purpose of using cat clawing post is to ensure that cats do not use furniture to grind their claws.


2. Training steps of teaching cat to use cat clawing post


1) Put the catit scratching post in a place where cat can easily reach or where cat loves to rub its paws.

2) Take cat to the cat clawing post, raise its front paws and gently place it on the scratching post wrapped around the rope. If cat has not started rubbing its paws, tap paws lightly and stretch them out to hook the surface of the column and provide food rewards.

3) If cat is still indifferent, spray a layer of catnip powder on the scratching post for a cat. This deceptive plant can help in training. Catnip powder is made from dried green plants.

4) Hang a cat chase toy or feather on the scratching post for a cat, or swing a toy or feather in front of the post, so that cat can scratch the wooden post when grabbing the toy, and do 2 to 3 strengthening exercises.

5) Encourage the cat to rub its paws up and down the pole by letting it chase the toy.

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