Ten Principles for Cats to Use Cat Scratcher Correctly

1. The role of cat scratcher


Many people who like cats should know that cats like to scratch. Once one thing is identified by cat, it will continue to be caught. Cat scratcher will not break the cat's nails, it only helps to remove the excess outer layer. Cat scratcher helps your kitten stretch by providing an outlet for exercise. Cat scratcher can be used as a kind of rich toy, so that the cat is not bored. With so many benefits, let's prepare a cat scratcher for cats to protect our furniture, but do you know that there are 10 principles for the use of cat scratchers?


Cat cardboard scratch pad​


2. Ten principles for cats to use cat scratcher correctly


1) We all know that cat is proud, so when we choose a cat scratcher in a pet products online store, we must choose what the cats like, otherwise they will still scratch other things.

2) We need to prepare two cat scratchers, one in the place where cats often go, and one next to the nest.

3) According to the cat's preference, choose whether to put it on the ground or fix it on the wall.

4) Be sure to replace it regularly. Cats sometimes don't like it when they use it for a long time. To prevent this, remember to replace it.

5) Cats like to scratch things because they have to grind off the old nails and let the new ones grow out. So when choosing a cat scratcher, you must choose one that doesn't hurt cat’s nails.

6) Cat scratcher or cat cardboard scratch pad should be moved from time to time to the place you want. In this way, the cat is also full of freshness.

7) Cat scratcher does not need to be well-behaved and can be a little creative, which can attract the cat more and will be used for a longer time.

8) Be sure to make the cat scratcher stay away from the furniture, if still close to the furniture, you don't know if the cat will grab the furniture on a whim, and the gain is not worth the loss.

9) Don't buy a too expensive cat scratcher, after all, you need to replace it from time to time, or you can make one yourself.

10) Don't buy a cat scratcher that cannot be badly scratched at all. Cats don't like this kind of thing, and sometimes don't change scratcher in a hurry, because cats like the marks left by themselves.


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