What Does the Cat Think When He Looks out of the Window in a Daze?

It should not be difficult for cat keepers to find that their windows or glass have a magical attraction for cats. So why do cats like to stay by the window so much?

  1. Bask in the sun

On sunny days, cats often like to curl into a spherical shape near the window sillin direct sunlight and bask comfortably in the sun. However, basking in the sun is not just for cats to relax, it is indeed for survival. The reason is that the cat's temperature sensing system is different from that of the humans. People's normal body temperature is maintained at around 37 degrees Celsius, and they will feel a burning sensation at temperatures of 44 degrees Celsius and above. The cat’s normal body temperature is generally maintained at around 39 degrees Celsius (there will be a certain degree of fluctuation depending on the breed), and cats will feel burning at a temperature of 52 degrees Celsius and above. That is to say, the temperature range between 39 degrees Celsius and 52 degrees Celsius will make cats feel warm. Cats lie in various places in direct sunlight, which helps them use solar energy to effectively maintain their comfortable body temperature, and at the same time, they can store their energy well.

  1. Secretly observe and entertain themselves

Cats are very curious. If they are kept in a small room, they are prone to negative emotions, such as non-talking and frustration. Therefore, observing the outside world through the glass window is very interesting for cats. So, what are they looking at? Some survey results show that most of the time cats are just observing birds flying in the sky, other small wild animals, leaves or other plants; in some cases, they are observing other cats, humans, and vehicles on the street, even a small bugs on the glass. Through this layer of glass, they are on their territory, safely and silently observing this vivid and interesting world outside, and they will be very happy.

  1. Simply in a daze

When looking out the window, the cat will react more or less. For example, if you see a small window on the glass window, the cat may move its nose upwards or stretch his paw on the glass. However, if your cat just sits quietly by the window, looking forward, leaving only a little loneliness, then it may actually be just in a daze.

Therefore, as qualified cat owners, how can you better support the cat’s entertainment and at the same time ensure the cat’s safety? The answer is to set up a "safe window mounted cat bed" by the window. Put a cat hammock on the window for the cats to let them have an excellent view. However, before using it for cats, please make sure that the window bed is fixed and will not fall off.

window mounted perch for cats


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