The Classification and Characteristics of Cat Scratching Board Material

Cat owners know that cats like to scratch things in a fixed place. This is not only to leave the smell of glands on the paws, but to let other cats know that this is its territory. In addition, the cat does not want to sharpen its own claws, but to remove the worn-out claw shell to expose the already-grown and sharp claws inside.


However, many cat owners feel a headache for the cat's paw grinding, because the cat's paw grinding will always destroy the furniture at home. Some cats don’t like one of the pet items, the scratching board, which is most likely your choice. The scratching board does not meet the wishes of the cat. There are many shapes and materials of scratchers in the market. What kind of scratchers are there? And what kind of scratchers that your cat will like?


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1. Pet items: cat scratcher with hemp rope


This kind of cat scratcher generally uses natural sisal white brown rope. Because it is made of wild agave with a smell similar to cat grass, cats especially like this kind of scratcher wrapped with hemp rope. This is also one of the most common pet items. Its advantages are good "claw feeling", which can greatly give the cat a sense of satisfaction when scratching; the smell attracts the cat, and the high-quality scratching board is natural and healthy.


2. Pet items: corrugated cat scratcher


As people pay more and more attention to environmental protection and low carbon, one of the pet items made of high-density professional corrugated paper, corrugated cat scratcher is more and more recognized by consumers. Its advantages are low price, diverse shapes, and can satisfy cats' desire to scratch. Cats love it with the addition of mata vulgaris powder. In addition, the corrugated cat scratcher's material is easy to find and easy to make. Those who like to do handicraft can also DIY a love grab board by themselves.


3. Pet items: linen cat scratcher


One of the pet items, the linen cat scratcher is similar to the hemp rope scratcher, made of natural hemp, but it is more resistant to scratching and abrasion than the hemp rope scratcher. It is mostly made into a blanket shape, also called a cat scratching blanket, which can be placed at will. It can be nailed to the wall, or used as a cool bed for cats.


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