The Importance of Development and Innovation of Cat Trees

1. The Birth and Development of Cat Trees


The feeding of cats by human beings dates back to more than 5000 years ago when cats were domesticated by human beings and became the closest pets and friends of human beings. With the development of social modernization, human beings began to live in small cities. Pet cats also lost the space to play. At this time, the cat trees came into being, creating a free and original living space for pet cats.


Looking back on the development of cat trees and towers, they have developed rapidly from the original single cat grasping boards and columns to the present complex, multi-layer, and multi-functional structures. Cats naturally like to stay high and observe their surroundings. Experts have repeatedly researched and found that cats like to grind their claws on pillars with special agave twine. Therefore, in the design of the cat trees, it is a breakthrough to use this material, which can prevent cats from damaging household items and provide the cats with sports and fitness equipment.


2. The Importance of Cat Trees Innovation


Every innovation is a change. It not only affects the development trend of a company but may also guide the consumption orientation of the entire market. The innovative purpose of Poils bebe. is to provide pet cats with a more humane, natural, and primitive lifestyle, and to provide customers with high-quality and low-cost cat trees.


In recent years, the development of cat trees has entered a stage of blooming, but the quality of cat trees in the market is uneven. With the scientific feeding of pet cats, people pay more attention to the quality of products needed by pet cats. The market is also screening products. We believe that high-quality cat trees will be favored and trusted by more and more consumers.

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