The Origin and Development of Cat Tree

1. The Origin of Cat Tree

In 1916, the famous American zoologist Mike Donner, in order to treat the increasingly serious cat depression, invented the cat tree, a pet toy. The cat tree is a fashionable pet product that allows cats to have a fun Space. The multi-layer three-dimensional shape is more suitable for the nature of cats climbing. The column of hemp rope can make cats sharpen their claws. Since the advent of the cat tree, it has been supported and loved by the majority of cat owners. On this basis, many cat furniture of different materials have been invented, but the scope has always been limited to a small group.

2. The Development of Cat Tree

Until the 1980s, the establishment of AroPet, the first large-scale production company in the United States, enabled this product to be effectively promoted in the United States and quickly flowed to Europe. The boards used in the cat tree are all carefully selected top-quality boards, so they are definitely the top quality in terms of endurance and firmness. The plush used is made of wool without any chemical stimulation. The fine plush and lamb's wool are smooth, flexible, and easy to clean.


The pillars are wrapped with natural fine sisal white brown rope. The color of this rope is naturally white (many similar ropes on the market are dyed with chemicals), because they are processed from wild agave, it comes with a unique agave flavor similar to catnip. After years of experiments, it has been shown that cats especially like to grind their cute paws on such twine-wound pillars. This effectively solves the problem that the furniture is easily damaged.


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