The Selection and Use of Bespoke Cat Trees

1. Introduction to Bespoke Cat Trees


The Structure Difference of Cat Trees:

Cat trees should be as complicated as possible, but it should not hinder the activities of cats.


Most cat trees are with multi-layer structures. There is also a kind of bespoke cat tree that connects the ground and the ceiling, while the conventional cat trees are placed on the ground.


2. The Selection and Use of Bespoke Cat Trees


1) Bespoke Cat Trees and Conventional Cat Trees Are Different in Use

The bespoke cat tree occupies a small area and can make perfect use of the upper space in the family. It is very suitable for cats that are very energetic and love to climb up and down. But the assembly may be more troublesome. The functionality of bespoke cat trees is poor and not as comprehensive as conventional cat trees. The price of a fully functional bespoke cat climbing tree is particularly expensive. The minimum price is more than $100, which is not very expensive for a fully functional bespoke cat tree (because it is made of cedar and PVC pillars). Excluding the price, the bespoke cat tree is indeed a qualified product in terms of structure.


2) The Key Points of Choosing the Bespoke Cat Trees

The pillars should be as thick as possible, preferably above 15cm in diameter. The number of layers is not less than 3 layers. They are suitable for small families and lively cats.


When you choose a cat tree, you may encounter a situation that the product does not meet your expectations. In this case, you are welcome to choose the bespoke cat trees from Poils bebe. We will customize the cat tree for you according to your preferences, so that your pet cat likes our product more.


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