The Solid Wood Cat Trees are the Best Cat Trees for Cats

1. The Importance of Selecting Materials for Cat Trees


The selection of materials for cat trees is very important. The quality of material selection is related to the healthy life of cats.


2. The Benefits of Natural Solid Wood Cat Trees


The solid wood cat tree is designed and produced after long-term repeated experimental research. It is made of natural solid wood as the main raw material without fumigation and lacquering, which is to keep the cat tree with a natural solid wood fragrance. The pillar is wrapped with natural sisal, which can increase the interest of cats in cat trees.


The advantage of natural solid wood is that it can keep the original smell of solid wood and make cats feel like returning to nature, which is more attractive to cats than the processed solid wood cat trees. Moreover, the natural solid wood cat tree has the advantages of dual-use in winter and summer. It is very hot in summer, so cats can directly perch on the cat tree to avoid the heat. In winter, the warm and comfortable mat can be placed on the cat tree. With the pillar wrapped with natural sisal, cats can play and grind their claws on it. At the same time, it can increase the cats' interest in the cat tree and keep the cats away from the furniture. 


The solid wood cat trees that appeared on the market before are not only expensive but also generally ignore the preferences of cats in design. There is no place to grind claws, no cat litter, cat house, or hammock. After the raw materials are processed, the smell of the solid wood is lost, which greatly reduces the interest of the cats in the cat trees. So the cat tree becomes a kind of decoration. After careful study, the innovative cat trees have overcome the above shortcomings. Whether from the selection of raw materials or the layout design according to the activity nature of the cats, the solid wood cat trees have become the best cat trees for cats.


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