What are the General Types of Scratching Posts for Cats on the Market?

1. The Use of Scratching Posts


Cats need to grind their paws frequently. However, if cats are not trained to grind their paws in fixed places, they are prone to damage furniture. A scratching post for cats is a good choice for cats to grind their claws. Never think that cat grinding claws will bring inconvenience to us and don't let cat grinding claws.


2. Types of Scratching Posts in the Market


1) Hemp Rope Scratching Posts

Generally, it is made of natural sisal white brown rope. Because it is made of wild agave with a smell similar to cat grass, cats especially like this kind of scratching posts wrapped with twine. It is also the most common type of scratching posts. The advantage is that it can give the cat a great sense of satisfaction when scratching. The smell can also attract cats. It is natural and healthy with high quality.


Purchase Suggestion: Don't buy the cat scratcher at an extremely low price. You can smell the scratching posts when you buy them to judge whether there is the smell of dye. It's best to buy a slightly yellow scratching post that has not been dyed.


2) Corrugated Scratching Posts

As people pay more attention to environmental protection and low carbon, corrugated scratching posts made of high-density professional corrugated paper are increasingly recognized by consumers. The advantages are low price and various shapes. It can satisfy the desire of cats to scratch. The Actinidia polygama powder in it can increase the interest of cats. In addition, the materials are easy to find and it is easy to make. People who like to do it can also DIY a scratching post.


3) Linen Scratchers

Linen scratchers are similar to hemp rope scratching posts. They are made of natural hemp, but they are more resistant than hemp rope scratching posts. They are mostly made into blankets. So they are also called scratching blankets. They can be placed at will, nailed to the wall, and used as a cool bed for cats.


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