What Does a Useful Corrugated Cat Scratcher Look Like?

1. Why must we choose corrugated cat scratcher?


As a must-have item for cats to sharpen their claws and protect the sofa at home, the existence of cat scratcher is very necessary. The cat's claws are a bit like rodents' incisors, and they have to be grinded and scratched in order to be comfortable! Moreover, a pair of sharp claws can be sharpened, and cats will feel more secure.


Sometimes, if you travel far away, you put your cat in someone else's house, and your cat's bad habit of scratching other people's things at every turn is also very unpleasant! At this time, a corrugated cat scratcher or a cat claws scratching pad that can teach cats the habit of grinding claws will come in handy.


Cat claws scratching pad


2. What does a useful corrugated cat scratcher look like?


There are two types classified by material. One of them is most commonly used: corrugated cat scratcher. In fact, it is the same thing as the cartons we receive in express delivery in essence. Looking from the side, it is a layer of wavy core paper sandwich (that is, what we call "corrugated paper core"), plus a layer of flat cardboard. The thicker the carton, the more interlayers inside. However, the grip resistance of the side with the layered structure is very strong! The tactility produced by tightly pressed corrugated paper will also be dozens of times more pleasant than ordinary cardboard. In short, the corrugated cat scratcher, in simple terms, is to press the sides of a dozen cartons together, and then cut into a plate-shaped thing. When choosing this kind of corrugated cat scratcher in a pet products shop​, there are several points to be noted:


1) The corrugated cat scratcher must be pressed tightly. The tighter, the better, and the more resistant to grasping.

2) Try to buy a corrugated cat scratcher in a box type. Although I always talk about grabbing the board, I actually prefer to the box. It is the kind of open carton with a grab plate at the bottom, and it does not drop slag.

3) You also need to buy a wall-mounted corrugated cat scratcher. Cats still prefer to put their paws on vertical objects to stretch their legs and sharpen their claws. This is why sofa legs and mattresses always suffer. And although the box shape can satisfy the effect of not dropping scum, after all, it is still a scratching board placed on the flat ground. The cat cannot stretch as much as possible, and will still go to the sofa after scratching. So on the basis of box grabbing, adding two more vertical corrugated cat scratchers is perfect.


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