What Kind of Cat Condos is Better to Buy?

1. Choose cat condos to suit the cat's own characteristics


As for young cats, sick cats, or breastfeeding cat mothers, you should choose some semi-enclosed cat condos; some kittens born in the summer are about to spend the first cold winter of their lives.


If the heating in your home is not reassuring, you must choose cat condos that block the wind and keep cats warm. When choosing cat condos or indoor tree houses for cats, you should pay attention to that for cats, a hidden place is surely better.


Indoor tree houses for cats


2. Choose cat condos of different materials in different seasons


In spring and autumn, cat condos can be selected based on the preferences of owner and cat, whether they are made of straw, rattan, cotton pads or other forms; cat condos in winter should be warm and good; and in summer, heat dissipation is more important, because of the extreme heat, cat falls down wherever she goes, lays down on the floor, completely disregarding her elegant image. At this time, the heat dissipation function of cat condos you bought in a pet supplies online store is very important. Two-layer cat condos have strong air permeability and heat dissipation, so this cat condos is the best choice for cats in summer.


3. On the basis of satisfying functions, choose fashionable cat condos to create another scenery


If home furnishing is arranged close to natural style, with such a natural-style cat condos, it will undoubtedly make people shine. Although most cats don't care about color, they have higher requirements for hand feel. Cat condos allow cats to perch on cat trees, even if they are only a little bit off the ground. Cat condos can also provide ample vision and provide an extra sense of security, especially to make timid cats feel safe. But be careful, especially tall cat condos may pose potential risks to kittens and very clumsy cats.


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