What Products for Pets Should a Novice Cat Raiser Need to Prepare?

Purchasing pet supplies according to cat's habits


Cats spend two-thirds of their day in sleep. When they are not sleeping, they spend about 30% of their time licking their fur, and 50% of their time instinctively hunting and playing. Cats of different breeds have different personalities. Some breeds of cats are more docile, quiet, and friendly to people. Kittens may be a little aggressive and may be able to scratch and bite their owners because they treat people as playmates. Cats also have a big feature, that is, their personality is changeable. Before raising a cat, some essential products for pets need to be prepared, and it is best to buy pet products according to the cat's habits.


Products for pets


Choice of products for pets


1. Products for pets such as cat litter:

Generally speaking, the cat’s resting place is more casual, and there is no need to deliberately prepare for the cat, but if you don’t want the cat to go to your bed, it is important to buy pet products, such as a cat litter, for a cat separately.


2. Products for pets such as food bowls:

Cat food bowls and water bowls must be prepared. Pay attention when buying pet food bowls. Different cats need different tools because of their different facial features, such as a flat face like Garfield. Garfield needs a shallow food tray.


3. Products for pets like toys:

The cat scratch post and bed​ is a tool to help cats sharpen their claws, which can prevent cats from using furniture to sharpen their claws. Other toys include funny cat sticks, cat balls, and so on. You could also buy pet products for cats, such as a cat climbing frame. It integrates the functions of a cat litter, a cat scratcher, and a cat toy, but it is expensive and bulky.


4. There are some pet products for a pet such as litter box, medicine feeder, cat toothbrush, pet special shower gel, and so on. You should prepare basic daily pet supplies for your cat or dog.


5. When raising cats, be careful not to feed the kittens casually, and bathe without vaccinations. You must groom your cats every day, pay attention to the hygiene of your cat’s ears and eyes, and trim your cat’s nails regularly.


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