Why Cats Can't Sleep Well

Beds are especially important for cats. Although they can lie down and rest anywhere at home, the bed gives them the best sleeping texture.


For cats, sleep is a very important thing, otherwise they would not spend most of the day to sleep. Therefore, if the cat does not sleep well, it will affect their energy throughout the day.


There are many reasons that hinder cats from sleeping at ease. Among them, the problems caused by feline beds require the attention of the cat owner, because the feline bed is an indispensable thing for cats.


If the cat cannot sleep well because of the feline bed, what are the specific problems?


1. The season is not suitable


Cats are more sensitive to temperature than humans, so cats have to change their bed settings in different seasons. For example, if you prepare a cool feline bed for your cat in winter, it will make your cat feel very cold. It is a trivial matter that it cannot sleep, but it will be difficult to solve if the cat is sick.


Therefore, when preparing feline beds for a cat, we must consider the practicality of feline beds in all seasons of the year. For example, in summer, feline beds that are ventilated and cool to touch must be prepared for cats, and in winter, feline beds with fluffy materials and dischargeable thermal blankets are required for cats.


But if you don't have the spare money to prepare multiple feline beds for your cats, then make one by your own. It's very simple, just need a carton, and then put blankets, cushions and other items in the carton to make a "carton bed" suitable for cats to use in winter.


cat beds


2. Sloppy


Cats love to be clean, so even if they pull their own poop in the toilet, they will be very disgusted.


This is also true for feline beds. If the feline bed is very sloppy, the cat may not be willing to go to bed. Even if a lot of cat hair is dropped in the feline bed, the cat will be repulsive to the feline bed.


It is not recommend to cleaning feline beds every one or two days. You only need to keep the feline bed tidy (especially to remove the cat's hair). Then the cat will still be happy to use it.


3. Placement of feline beds


If the cat doesn't want to sleep in the cat litter, the first thing the cat owner needs to consider is that there is a problem with the placement of feline beds.


Cats are especially concerned about sleeping places. They don't like noisy places, places with water, and places that are too closed. Therefore, places like living rooms, bathrooms, and utility rooms may not be liked by cats.


And places like bedrooms, balconies, corridor corners, behind sofas and other places are suitable for placing feline beds, because cats like these places.


Of course, if you buy a large luxury feline bed for your cat, then no matter where you put it, the cat will not let go of this opportunity to play and rest; if you buy a feline bed that can only accommodate one cat , then you can easily move it around, and some cats may even go to a comfortable place with the feline bed in their mouths.


4. Feline beds are too hard


For cats getting through the winter, feline beds containing wool materials will make them very happy. But in general, cats tend to like softer feline beds.


You will think that cats like to lie on the floor in summer, but it's just because they want to cool off. In fact, falling asleep on the floor is not so comfortable.


Therefore, some cat owners find a marble board for cats to sleep, but its effect is just so so. After all, cats still like softer feline beds in their hearts. Otherwise, the owner would have to spread a blanket on the marble so that the cat would not sleep completely without texture. (But there are also some cats who like a harder feline bed.)


In fact, the reason why many cats sleep unsteadily on the feline bed is that they don't like the feline bed at all. There are many reasons, for example, it may be the material problem of the feline bed, or the shape of the feline bed; it may be the problem that cats "like the new and dislike the old".


So the cat owner can give the cat a try on the newly bought feline bed. If you see that the cat is not interested, then go and change the bed as soon as possible.


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