Why Choose Corrugated Cat Scratcher?

Many people will curiously ask: Why do many scratchers use corrugated paper? Not only cat scratchers, but some cat crawlers are made of corrugated paper. Compared with other materials, what are the unique advantages of corrugated cat scratcher?


1. Advantages of corrugated cat scratcher: safety and pleasure


Corrugated cat scratcher is safer to cat's paws. Corrugated cat scratcher has dense pores and relatively soft texture. It not only allows cat to easily explore the place where the lower paws are, but also prevents the paws from getting stuck in the material and unable to extricate themselves. Especially some tight ropes or wood products with inappropriate textures can easily cause cats' paws to get stuck in the material and be accidentally injured.


Corrugated cat scratcher brings more pleasure to cats. Dopamine is an endocrine hormone necessary for animals to feel quite pleased and is almost harmless. The feeling of rapid heartbeat, hot ears, and sweaty palms when lover met at the first time is the action of dopamine. Among all cat scratching material, the corrugated cat scratcher brings the highest dopamine secretion to the same cat.


Corrugated cat scratcher


2. Advantages of corrugated cat scratcher: touch and good material


In addition to corrugated cat scratcher, what other material can make cats hear multiple stimuli such as sound in addition to the touch in the process of scratching? The dense pores of the corrugated cat scratcher are the best containers for filling other things, such as catnip powder, matt polygonum crumbles, dried fish, or even canned food you bought in a pet supplies online store​.


As old saying goes, if the old will not go and the new will not come. We can't parsimoniously let the cat play with a toy for a lifetime. The life cycle of the corrugated cat scratcher is easier to control, and relatively speaking, it is more hygienic. The material of corrugated cat scratcher makes it easier to shape various modes, which allows cats to discover more new continents. A simple cat scratcher can generally provide three different deformation modes. If you use your brain, there will be more surprises.


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