Why Do Cats Like Sisal Cat Scratching Post?

Maybe your cat is scratching your sofa, carpet and door frame, but you have nothing to do. You know you need a cat clawing post, but there are many options for cat clawing posts. How do you know which one can prevent your cat from ruining your house instead of ultimately wasting money?


Cat clawing post is a furniture saver for cat owners, enticing your kitten to reach in and start tearing. The unfortunate thing about carpeted cardboard cat scratching pads is that they start to look tattered after a few months, and the sisal cat scratching post can last longer.


1. What is a sisal cat scratching post?


The best rope used on cat clawing post is made of sisal. This is a very hard fibre that comes from the agave plant, also known as American aloe. At first glance, you might not think that small cactus is strong enough, but a sisal cat scratching post made of sisal bought on Poils bebe cat furniture store is surprisingly durable and can withstand years of tearing attempts by cats, making it the best choice of a cat clawing post to resist your destructive kittens.


Sisal cat scratching post


2. Why do cats like sisal cat scratching post?


The durability of the sisal cat scratching post is first-rate, and another advantage is that cats will be attracted to it. The texture of the sisal cat scratching post is very rough, just like tree bark, so the sisal cat scratching post naturally attracts your cat to scratch it and kindly diverts the cat's attention away from your sofa. As for rope or fabric, you may be most familiar with sisal rope catchers, but sisal also has a fabric form. Its texture is rough, like a rope, so your cat will naturally want to grind its claws on it. However, as a fabric, it is not as durable as a rope. The advantage of being less durable is that your cat can tear the fabric within a certain period of time, which gives it a sense of accomplishment. However, this also means that you must change the fabric more frequently than changing the rope.

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