Why Your Cat Needs Grooming?

In addition to sleeping and eating, cats lick their hair every day. So why do cats like grooming their hair so much?

Of course, grooming hair is for cleansing. Cats like cleanliness very much and even want to be hygienic. They can't bear to be dirty, so they spend a lot of time every day making themselves beautiful.

In other cases, cats will also lick hair. For example, if there is too much pressure, such as a new cat entering the house, moving, they will lick their hair frantically. This is a method of distracting attention and a means of self-regulation. Cats will also lick their hair if they are touched by strangers or people they dislike. Besides, cats don’t like other scents on their bodies. They may even feel that the shower gel smells irritating, so they must lick them until only their saliva is left around. Their own smell can make them feel relaxed.

If two cats have a good relationship, they will lick each other. There is a saying that this is like a mother cat licking the kitten's hair, which is a kind of love. There is also a saying that a high-status cat will lick a low-status cat to show its superiority. Therefore, the next time the cat licks you, you can imagine it telling you that he is your superior.

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Cats sometimes can't lick their own faces, so they will first wet their claws with saliva, and then wipe their face with the claws over and over again. Then he continued to lick the fair of his neck, chest, tail, and anus.

If the cat is extremely fat, you will find that he cannot lick itself. At this time, he needs to be cleaned up by keepers, otherwise, the cat will be depressed.

Although cats love to lick their hair, it is not normal to lick the hair too much. It is a mental illness caused by excessive stress. The cat always licks a part of the body, even if that part is bald. This may be caused by emotional anxiety. This condition is called psychogenic alopecia, also known as overgrooming. The owner must pay attention and observe carefully. In severe cases, it is necessary to take mirtazapine psychotropic drugs for adjuvant treatment. In order to eliminate the cause of cat anxiety, it is necessary to carefully study various factors such as noise and changes in the surrounding environment.

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